Pippin & Merry

"This hostel is amazing. David is an incredible guy with a beautiful soul. All the other hostels are going to have a difficult time living up to Doe River!"


"It's nice to stay with someone on the trail who actually gives a sh*t and isn't just out to make a buck. I'll support a man like David and his venture anytime."


"So glad I found this place! A nice peaceful recharge. This setting is so nice. Dave is great!"


"Wasn't planning on spending the night in Roan Mountain, but I'm glad I did. It's the best place I've stayed on the AT! Thanks for the great stay."

Puppy Love

"Amazing new hostel. I collected chicken eggs and played with goat! I was planning 10 more miles and then - goats. Yeah, I stopped. Amazing hospitality!"


"Fantastic hostel! This definitely was a great experience and I will be recommending it to my fellow hikers. The free shuttles, clean hostel...all around a great hostel experience!"


We are honored to be considered a top 5 hostel on the AT for 2017 by Reddmage. Check out his channel here